Shahana Kiran

Whole School Assistant Head Teacher

I am a Professional Educator with over 12 years of  diverse experience and a strong track record of fostering a child-centered curriculum and student creativity.

The core of my teaching philosophy is the importance of engaging and giving students hands on experience while learning. I enjoy working at GCS as a Senior Leader by reflecting on my teaching in a variety of ways; firstly in the learning goals I set for my students, secondly, in the way I view  my relationship with each one of them  and finally in my growth and future aspirations as a facilitator. At the content specific level I want my students to interpret real life experiences through the lens of knowledge. I like to challenge my students to become critical thinkers and enable them to analyse themselves by being proactive and autonomous. Together we will develop a student community in which our children can incorporate the values of  kindness and giving voluntarily and freely  by using their skills of teaching and helping others.