Welcome to GEMS Cambridge International Private School - Sharjah

A values-driven school in Sharjah

A school where ‘advocacy’ and ‘my school’, are at the heart of everything we do. An environment where we teach our learners to embrace a problem solving mind-set through Design Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry.

From the Principal

Mrs. Ranju Anand
A warm welcome to GEMS Cambridge International Private School – Sharjah! GCS is a community that strives for excellence in every possible way. We are a very diverse and vibrant community that grows and collaborates to succeed together..."

Welcome Ranju


Hear what our parents have to say

  • Being a teacher is a noble job, better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher, and I cannot express how delightful and lucky I am to have my son in a school filled with great teachers, I believe that ALL the teachers did their job respectfully and very professionally and for that I want to thank them with all my heart.

    I found myself compelled, after the end of this term, to share my gratitude and express how thankful I am for your noble acts and prosperous efforts. Forever I will show gratitude and provide utmost support to the entire school staff, not mentioning name so I won’t forget any.

    Mother of Mohamed Wael

    Year 8

  • We are very happy with the achievements of our children on the academic level. Our children feel safe in this school and spend the best time of the day at school. Teachers are welcoming and kind.

    Mother of Adi Aziri

    Year 4

  • I am very happy for my child he is well looked after in school. Very good helpful teachers and staff. Good communication with parents. Well organized school management and system.

    Father of David Basil Kurian

    FS 1

  • Teaching methods; The way GCS teach students is marvelous. GCS uses new techniques and ensures kids are taught the best possible way! We see growth in our child ever since he stepped into GCS. Hats off to GCS!

    GEMS Cambridge is the best of them all.

    Mother of Liam Jason

    FS 1

  • Hardworking staff including the heads and senior leadership. Lovely teachers. Always responsive towards each and every query/concern. Keeping the parents informed and always concerned and take out solutions to provide the best for the children’s welfare.

    Mother of Muhammad Shayaan

    Year 1

  • The Quality of education is Top notch. Teachers engage parents weekly to give feedback about their children and that I really appreciate a lot. English Language is taught by a native speaker so your child can learn the right intonation and pronunciation. Overall, GCS Sharjah is the best place for your precious Gems!

    Mother of Moryam Osidipe

    Year 2

  • This is my son’s 3rd year at GCS. Even though, the curriculum is not the easiest, the informations are delivered smoothly and in an interactive way. He is in a very supportive and home like school. Problems happens everywhere but the GCS administration is always available and reachable for the parents. I suggested the school for my niece who’s coming from overseas. The first time I took her to the school we met Ms Lisa (my son’s last year English teacher) she was very welcoming and nice to both my son and niece. Then, as we were waiting for the registration Ms Huyser came along and cheerfully welcomed us, my niece told me, “I love this school it has a happy vibes”. It’s a great school with very hard working staff who welcome us as parents everyday with a big smile and willingness to help.

    Mother of Omar Magid

    Year 3

  • My daughter's teachers are working very hard to improve the students level, they do many activities with the children to help them to understand their curriculum. I am very pleased with the school. My daughter's self confidence improved .

    Mother of Nada Mostafa

    Year 3

  • Organized community so pleasing helpful and all the team are in the parents back supporting them very helpful , open doors for discussion and usually they will find solutions to any problem, down to the earth disciplined.

    Mother of Ibrahim Mohd Abbas

    Year 3

  • Very good experience. They gives us updates all the time so that we know what our child is learning. They also do weekly meeting and we can ask and get knowledge about our kid. Very friendly atmosphere.

    Mother of Sarah Patel

    FS 2

Leading the Way in Sharjah

Pre-KG (FS1) Now Available

We are proud to launch FS1 (Pre-KG) at our school. Students now aged 3 and above can avail the highly sought after Early Years Foundation Programme at GCS.


  • Foundation Stage

    Following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).

  • priamry

    Primary School

    Following The National Curriculum for England.

  • secondary

    Secondary School

    Following for the National Curriculum for England in the Secondary School.

  • Sixth Form

    We offer an enriched selection of personalised learning at Post 16, all leading to University entrance. 


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