Uniform and Dress Code

GCS Uniform 23-24  



  • Full and correct uniform must be worn in, and whilst travelling to and from the school. This also applies to extra-curricular after school activities and travelling home on all school trips. Full uniform must be worn to all parent teacher consultations and other formal school events.
  • Shirts/blouses should be of an appropriate size. All students’ shirts should be properly tucked in at the waist at all times.
  • Leggings must not be worn. Burgundy tights is a core uniform and is part of the GCS school uniform.
  • Ties are worn year round and should be tied and worn covering the fastened top button.
  • Shoes should be polished regularly.
  • When sweaters are not being worn they should not be tied around the waist.
  • School uniform and personal items are the responsibility of the students and their family. Please ensure that all items of clothing and personal possessions are clearly labelled.


Black formal leather shoes only. Trainers of any kind are not part of the school uniform and must not be worn with formal school uniform. White trainers should be work with PE uniform.

Shoes policy


  • Students may wear a watch.
  • Girls may wear one small stud in each ear lobe and these should be removed for PE and swimming. No other piercings are permitted.
  • Jewellery items of religious significance may only be worn with prior approval by the school, following a formal written parent request.

Henna Tattoos 

These are only acceptable for religious/cultural reasons.


  • Girls – hair should be tied back fully off the face. The sensible use of hair accessories is acceptable to keep hair orderly and neat e.g. school coloured Alice band, hairband, clips, slides, elastic bands, scrunchies are permitted.
  • Make-up and all nail polish may not be worn by any student.
  • Boys - hair must be neat and tidy no longer than a number two barber cut) and if your child has long hair long for religious and cultural reasons, their hair must be styled appropriately.
  • We request no coloured gel, wax or mousse etc. be used when styling hair and no exaggerated styles or cuts.

All Students – we request that hair must be of a natural colour and must not be dyed. We also request that the hair style itself is neat and modest. If the students’ hairstyle contravenes any of the above requirements, the student will be requested to amend this with immediate effect and if this is not possible they will be required to remain at home until such time as their hair has returned to an acceptable condition.

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