Laura Iacono

Senior Leader (Secondary)

To work as a senior Leader here at Gems Cambridge School for such a well-respected, inspirational Principal and such exceptional students is a great honor. My 14 years’ experience of teaching English language and Literature, and six years of leading English across a trust of Schools in addition to whole-school literacy, has meant that I have acquired a strong and consistent skill-set and an ongoing passion for the continual development of teaching and learning and leading others. My teaching philosophy is ‘dare to be different’ and I believe this simple, yet bold approach has been fundamental in securing the ‘Outstanding’ results achieved as a teacher in the classroom and as a Head of Department.

I am immensely proud of my successes as the former Head of English here, and the opportunity I had to work together with our unique body of staff and help GCS achieve our first inspection rating of ‘Very Good’. The results secured in English were ‘Outstanding’ for both A-level and IGCSE English, with many students securing a Grade 9 in ‘ESL’, ‘English Language A’ and ‘English Literature’ Qualifications.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to carry these successes forward across the curriculum as a ‘Head of Teaching and Learning.’ I truly believe ‘nothing great was ever achieved without passion and spirit’ and this will certainly be what drives the quality of teaching taking place at GCS.

As an educator, I understand that learning never ceases – and I am lucky to be working alongside such a vast range of experts in all aspects of school and adopting new practices, acquiring new nuggets of knowledge along the way.

I look forward to another successful year ahead!