Charlotte Brookes

Assistant Head Teacher (EYFS)

I am delighted to be part of GEMS Cambridge Private International School, Sharjah as the Head of Early Years. 

Having graduated from University with a degree in Education, I progressed to study my PGCE teaching qualification in Primary Education. Over the past ten years, I have taught in the EYFS and KS1 where I led both Phonics and Reading and a range of year groups. Having developed a passion for working with young children, I completed my Masters degree in Early Years Education which further enhanced my knowledge and passion for teaching and leadership in the Foundation Stage.

My vision for the Foundation Stage at GCS is to ensure that all young children receive a high-quality education that fosters curiosity, problem solving and an understanding of the world around them. I want the children in our Foundation Stage to grow to be independent, to develop their thinking skills and to love learning. In the Early Years, we provide children with a safe, stimulating and innovative environment where they can take risks, be challenged and reflect on the process of learning. We teach young children to be global citizens and to care for others.

As the Head of Early Years, it is my priority to ensure that all students are safe and happy at GCS.