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Student Testimonials

  • I love my teacher Ms Megha because she encourages me and supports me in Science and Maths when I am confused. She also supported me in making friends!


    Tala Nasouh

    Grade 4C

  • My name is Shahan Shaqib and I am a student of Grade 1. I study in the best school in Sharjah. The name of my school is GEMS Cambridge Private School. My school has a beautiful building and big classrooms. We have the best teachers who are all so kind and cooperative. They teach us with great care. I have learnt so much on this one year with GCS.

    GCS has not just given me an education, but I have learnt sincerity and to love and respect others. I have learned to follow rules. My school prepares us to take part in extra curricular activities like debates, sports and spelling competitions. Our principal is a very kind person. GCS is a second home for me and I am really proud of my school and all the teachers. I love my school!

    Shahan Shaqib

    Grade 1 A

  • My school is unique because there are so many students from different nationalities and I learn a lot from my classmates.


    Mohamed Wael

    Grade 4C

  • I like GCS because it has supportive teachers who are always ready to help me with my work in school. I love football and I am happy I have a great PE teacher who encourages me a lot.


    Noor Eldin

    Grade 4A

  • I love GCS because of Ms. Rizza. She is kind and friendly to me and my classmates. I like this school because there are so many activities that make us fit and healthy.


    Adwitya Kunnath Akhil

    Grade 5A


Parent Testimonials

Second generation: Families have trusted GEMS Cambridge over the years and their children go to the same school!

  • I went GEMS Cambridge High School Abu Dhabi and I am glad my son goes to the same school because it is one of the most reputed schools in the UAE.

    Eraj Farhan

    Parent of Zaviyar

  • The school was always student oriented and we had an environment that made us look forward to come back to school every single day.

    Nezar Anwar

    Parent of Ahyaan and Zayaan

  • I am the proud parent of two daughters who are enthusiastic students at your school.

    During the recent crisis of COVID-19, I was very worried. My daughters love the familiar classroom setting and enjoy their healthy interactions with their friends. The presence of a teacher stimulates their intellect and brings out the best in them. When GCS announced distance learning programme, I was wary and wondered if this would really work. After participating in this very unique programme, I am content. I must say that GCS has taken full advantage of the technological advancements today and has provided a wonderful space for children to learn, in the comforts of their own home.
    The ability to continue to interact with their friends continues to be very stimulating and I too have had the privilege of learning about a new technology.

    In conclusion, I am very happy with this new concept. It has definitely helped my children in this time of crisis and I look forward to reaping more benefits of this wonderful programme.


    Alaa Abdelwhab

    Parent of KG 2, Grade 3 and 4 students

  • Thank you so much for the positivity and encouragement you show with the kids.

    I also wanted to mention the amazing discipline maintained by the school. I was very impressed with the way kids maintain their decorum and respect with the teachers and their friends in the class. Managing a group of children on a digital platform is extremely challenging and I am very impressed with the way the children are taken care of.

    You have been so prompt and systematic in replying to my concerns and queries. Thank you so much for easing our concerns and handling every situation smoothly.

    Rajitha Unny

    Parent of Grade 6 and 8 students

  • Just wanted to thank you and the entire school team for making the kids feel so special. The "meet the family" was a very beautiful idea. Kids really got excited after that to attend their new classes with new teachers. They had this amazing energy and no doubt, all thanks to the teachers who gave them a very friendly welcome and made them feel special. I know it’s been difficult for you guys as well managing so many things behind for the wellbeing of our kids. Can’t thank you guys enough just an appreciation word for you and the team. Love you guys and we miss seeing those smiling faces. Hope to see you guys soon again. Once again keep the wonderful work up.

    Hip hip hooray for GEMS Cambridge International School, Sharjah!

    Heeba Zubair

    Parent of Grade 3 and 5 students

  • As the school year ends today, I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to all of the people in the school who, in one way or another, contributed to my son’s advancement, academically, morally and socially. Mrs. Albie Huyser, who has been the pillar of strength and wisdom of GCS teaching force and staff; Mrs. Michelle Motley, for working tirelessly, to provide the primary school students the best out of the curriculum; Mrs. Carmen Martinez, who became the second mother of our children and who brought out the best from each of her students while instilling the value of discipline, respect and kindness; All the specialist teachers who have been the source of knowledge of our children.  You made learning fun and challenging for them; School administrative staff who work behind the scene to keep GCS up and running seamlessly. A big thank you for your patience, for the great effort, and for all your hard work. I look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year.

    Parent of Carlos Nathan Caro, Grade 4

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so wonderful & helpful. I have noticed this from the first day for Ahmed in the school.

    Ms.Huyser: I can’t thank you enough for all you have done as school Principal! Thank you for creating a safe and welcoming environment for our students at school. Your communication, compassion, and commitment to the wellbeing of the school is invaluable and truly makes a difference. Because of you, my son, Ahmed is so excited to come to school every morning.

    Ms.Motley: Thank you for being such an amazing head of primary  Your vision, wisdom, and passion for this school is apparent every time you hold an assembly or speak to us as parents . You do an incredible job of listening to any concerns of the parents and keep us excited about improving the school. Your impact has really made a difference, thank you.

    Special thanks for Ms Mauren:Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. Ahmed has an everlasting effect on this life in your class, and he will remember you for many years . Thank you for creating a space for Ahmed and all your students to be able to express and grow with all patience, creativity, and love. Under your inspirational supervision Ahmed has achieved a lot this year.

    And during the current situation you are more than amazing. When Ahmed started the E-learning it was so difficult for him, but with his amazing teachers, he got used to it. Once again, thank you very much, and I wish you and the school continued success

    Mrs. Nohal

    Parent of Grade 3 student

  • I want to thank you and the GCS team for listening and working effectively to achieve the best for our kids.

    My son Mohamed Zuraiki, is in 3C. We had great classes today. Starting with English class with Mr. Small.

    Second lesson was with the amazing Miss Dency, teaching kids about tenths, with her lovely methods. Our third lesson was Islamic. Students look forward to the Islamic lesson with Mr. Hasan. Thanks to Ms Asma, the Arabic classes are exceptional. My son is enjoying Arabic. He tries to do his best. Mr. Small who took the lead of their classes from day one in these difficult conditions. I consider my son is lucky that they are teaching him.

    Hanan Shahrour

    Parent of Grade 3 student

  • I would love to thank each one of you for your continued dedication in making e-learning more successful and interesting for kids. My special thanks to Ms. Emma Fay (Class Teacher of KG1-D) for her support, kindness and her motivation towards kids to sit, listen the class as well as to do the post-class sessions. She always gives positive motivation to kids, which makes them really feel comfortable and make them feel like they are in school with their friends.

     She exhibits a high level of patience towards parents, as well kids. The eLearning is smooth for my daughter (Anjenaa). Especially this week it's really pretty good, having classes as per sections which enables more interaction with teacher and as well with their friends. Request you to continue the same in the coming weeks as well.

    Once again, a heartfelt thank you to the school administration, as well as teachers who work really very hard during this pandemic for providing a good quality education for students.

    Tamilselvi Jayavel

    Parent of KG2 student

  • From the beginning of the online learning I want to send an appreciation email to everyone in our school. Every single person is doing an amazing job with our children.
    I wrote it the survey and I will write it here again.

    In this hard time, you are good listener, very active to respond our inquiries and this is my dream team. And a special thanks for our lovely grade 2A teacher, the lovely Miss Asha.

    Aya Hamza

    Parent of Grade 2 student

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