Why GCS?

Why choose GEMS Cambridge International Private School - Sharjah



Our new school draws from the GEMS Cambridge success story which is based on a legacy that is 36 years old. A multicultural legacy further enhanced by the presence of over 45 nationalities at our GEMS Cambridge schools.

Second generation:

Families have trusted GEMS Cambridge over the years and their children go to the same school!

“I went to GEMS Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi and I am glad my son goes to the same school because it is one of the most reputed schools in the UAE”

- Eraj Farhan, mother of Zaviyar

“The school was always student oriented and we had an environment that made us look forward to come back to school every single day.”

- Nezar Anwar, father of Ahyaan and Zayaan


Academic Excellence

Our GEMS Cambridge schools are beacons of Academic Excellence! 1 in 10 GEMS Cambridge UAE students who took A Levels achieved A* grades and more than 80% students achieved grades A*-C. Our GEMS Cambridge family of schools have been performing successfully in the Outstanding Cambridge Learners awards held in the region by bagging the ‘Top in the UAE’ award every year.

Excellence in Innovation:

Excellence in Innovation is a key outcome of quality education at our GEMS Cambridge schools.

Atharv Naik, a GEMS Cambridge student has successfully developed technology to detect skin cancer at an early stage.

University Acceptances:

Over the past 3 years alone, GEMS Cambridge students have been accepted to 97 universities in 26 countries and have received partial to full scholarships to these universities.


Innovative Learning

Learning Environment

We are committed to creating a learning environment that builds self-awareness, confidence, competence, and independence.

Design Thinking

From young ones to older students, our emphasis on Design Thinking helps students redefine problems and collaboratively create innovative solutions to any problems in and around their learning environment.

Appreciative Inquiry

At GCS we follow an approach that values the best in people and the world around, that enables us to explore new potential and possibilities: and revolves around strengths, possibilities and successes.

Values-based education

At GCS, we foster a learning environment where compassion; respect ; helpfulness and empathy are embedded in everything we do.