Multiple Universities Offered

The process of being accepted into multiple universities is not only a challenging task, but also a significant accomplishment. It requires immense hard work and dedication to be recognised by prestigious educational institutions. However, with proper guidance and preparation, the journey can be a rewarding one.

As high school seniors prepare to make the transition to college, our student Waleed Hikmat received the exhilarating news of receiving offers from multiple top universities. It was a moment of pride and excitement, a true testament to his academic prowess and leadership skills.

Waleed said: “Since the day I set foot at GCS, I have grown both academically and emotionally. It was an incredible feeling to receive multiple offers from Russell Group universities after putting in a lot of hard work into my educational journey. Being offered a place at the University of Bristol, a world-renowned institution, is an honour for me as a student aiming to advance in the field of chemistry.”

After careful consideration, Waleed finally accepted the offer from the university that best aligns with his desired field of study and career goals. He is thrilled to begin his academic journey and seize every opportunity that the university has to offer.

Waleed is eagerly looking forward to starting his exciting journey and making the most of his college experience. His future looks bright, and we are proud to have him as a student.

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